Where to find aquarium fish suppliers

Anybody know Where to find aquarium fish suppliers ? If you ask for these question i can solve this problem before that i want to said hi...

My name is Ila i'm from Malaysia. In my country the are a lot of farm that can supplying their owned breed tropical fish to major fish exporters from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Now, they come into the market to offer you the high quality tropical fish in local breeder price.

For freshwater fish and invertebrates alone, they export 742 species originating from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe in 3,860 different colours and varieties. Besides the bread and butter fish like guppies, platies, mollies, tetras, chiclid, etc., we also offer the more seasonal and rare fishes, invertebrates and amphibians.

they strong relationship with the local breeders network and wild fish collectors also ensures that they are usually the pioneer in the market with a new variety or breed.

Another company are importer and exporter of live tropical,coldwater fishes and aquatic plants with more than 10 years of experience in providing high quality ornamental fishes. They offer you a diverse selection/wide varieties which is more than 400 species. They continuous effort in perfecting their packing methods enables to pack at higher density with good landing conditions.

They experience in ornamental fishes stands to meet your import requirement and business needs and they delivers to any location worldwide on a weekly shipment.

Please email me for more info at hopemailme[at]gmail.com